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Make a payment towards Zakat ul Fitr ($10 per person) online through PayPal.

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Money collection: At Dar-us-Salaam, taraweeh, & online.

Food collection: July 11th to July 20th at Dar-us-Salaam. No food collection during taraweeh.

Distribution: Friday July 25th and Saturday July 26th

If you have any further questions, please contact the Zakah Foundation.


What does Zakat ul-Fitr mean?
It means to purify. It purifies the one who gives it from his/her sins done inadvertently and increases one’s reward.

What is the ruling on Zakat ul Fitr?
Obligatory upon every Muslim who has access to extra food.

Who gives Zakat ul-Fitr?
The head of the household gives it for everyone in his household (including servants and newborns).

How much should be given in Zakat ul-Fitr?
A sa’ per person which is equivalent to 2.25 kg (about 5.06 lbs).

What should be given as Zakat ul-fitr?
It is most preferable to give dates, barley, wheat, cottage cheese, and raisins. But if other halal food items are more readily available, you may give them instead (i.e. rice, lentils, etc…).

Qur’an 2:43, 22:78, 24:56, 58:13, 87:14

May I give money instead of food?
Yes, you can donate $10 (per person) by either putting it in the donation box at Dar-us-Salaam, or during taraweeh, or online.

To whom should Zakat ul-Fitr be given?
The following categories of people may receive it: the penniless, people struggling to make ends meet and do not beg, institutions dealing with the distribution of Zakat, new Muslims, to free captives/slaves, those who are in debt, for the cause of Islam, and to a stranded traveler.

Can you appoint someone to give Zakat ul-Fitr on your behalf?
It is permissible to give the items to a Masjid to distribute on your behalf.



Isha and Taraweeh prayers will be held at Ritchie Coliseum, University of Maryland. Rossborough Dr., College Park, MD. For directions click here

"Dar-us-Salaam's mission, with the help and success of Allah, has always been to establish a da'wah institution that will benefit humanity for centuries to come. For the past 15 years devoted community members like you have worked tirelessly to lay the foundations of this project. Alhamdulillah with the fourth Al-Huda high school graduation, the community is beginning to see the fruits of our collective efforts. Our graduates are not only excelling in college, they have already started to impact society. They are social activists, entrepreneurs, leaders, and sources of inspiration for the next generation.

We hope and pray that Allah counts your efforts as an ongoing act of sadaqah that will last long after we've all entered the hereafter. However, much more work needs to be done. Allah has blessed us with a tremendous amount of success and in shaa Allah there is much more to come. How much of this legacy do you want to be credited to your account on the Day of Judgment?



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