About Al-Huda School

Established in 1995, Al-Huda School is a full-time K-12th grade Islamic school accredited by the Middle States Commission on Elementary Schools (CES-MSA). The school is located in College Park, Maryland, and enrolls over 460 students. Al-Huda School consists of two schools in one: a boys’ K-12th grade school and a girls’ K-12th grade school. Each school has its own classrooms and Muslim teachers, but they are all under the same roof and Muslim administration. In the Fall of 2008, Al-Huda School has added a new Science Lab facility.

To view the state standards please visit the MSDE website.


With the growing decay of the public school system and the general decay of the moral and ethical standards of the American society in general, the need for Islamic schools has become readily apparent to Muslims across the country. As a result, communities coast to coast have either opened up full-time Islamic schools, or are in the process of doing so. In the Baltimore-Washington DC metro area, there were only two or three Islamic schools ten years ago; this number will soon surpass ten by the end of this year. However, when we consider the fact that there are nearly half a million Muslims in the Baltimore-Washington DC metropolitan area, and well over 50,000 school-aged Muslim children, it becomes clear that even if we started another 20 schools we could not take care of all our children.

Al-Huda School was established over 13 years ago and has been growing at an astounding rate since that time. The school opened its doors in September 1995 with 26 students in K-2nd grade. By the 5th year, enrollment had climbed to over 300 students in K-7th grade. The school remained a KG through 8th grade school for about 7 years, and then in the Fall of 2007 began adding the high school, one grade each year.

The quality of our staff has continually improved over the years, which greatly improves our ability to garner support for the school from the community at large. The improvements in staff and facilities have also translated into a higher standard of education and learning for the students.

More than Just a School

Al-Huda School is just one of the many projects that Dar-us-Salaam has undertaken to help establish a vibrant Islamic community in the Washington DC Metro area. Some of the other projects under Dar-us-Salaam are:

  • Full-time Hifzh School
  • Daycare/Preschool
  • The Muslim Link newspaper
  • FAITH Publishing
  • Islamic Information Center
  • DUS Family Medical Practice
  • Sooq Al-Huda
  • Qur'an Institute
  • Aqabah Karate
  • Girl Scouts

The total combined student body from all of our educational programs is over 700 students.