Al-Huda School, MD (K-8) News TeacherEase - Web-based Software for Teachers
TeacherEase - Web-based Software for Teachers

Al-Huda School started using this Web-Based Software during the 2006-2007 school year.

TeacherEase is a Web-based software that Al-Huda School recently started using this school year (2006-07). The program allows our teachers to record the grades and homework of their students on the TeacherEase web site.

Our parents and students are given a unique username and password which allows them to check the status of their child's work anytime of the day. Now finding out if an assignment was missed is a snap, or how they did on their quizzes or tests is a breeze. Even behavior issues are tracked through this program. TeacherEase provides an on-line Gradebook, Behavior Log, and allows parents to view their child's assignments, view student progress, email their teachers, and much, much more.

Because of all these tools, TeacherEase allows parents to take a more active and informed role in their child's education. They don't have to wait till a note comes from the school, or wait till the parent teacher conferences at the end of a quarter. They can quickly and easily see where their child is lagging behind, or where they are doing well.

Even students are more motived to learn and work hard when they can see the immediate results that a good (or bad) grade has on their grades, since TeacherEase automatically computes their grade as teachers log assignments, tests and quiz scores unto TeacherEase.

For more details about this software, please check out their web site:

If you are a parent of Al-Huda School, please contact your child's teacher to get your username and password.