Al-Huda School, MD (K-8) News Grants Awarded to Al-Huda
Grants Awarded to Al-Huda

Al-Huda School has recently been awarded three seperate grants; one for Technolgy, one for tutoring and one for staff development

Through the on going efforts of the school administration, Al-Huda School was able to receive the following grants;

A) On Friday May 11, 2007, we received the following equipment through an Educational Technology Grant (Title II-D):
- 2 DVD/TV flat screen
- 1 Digital Camcorder
- 7 DVD players
- and several educational CD's

B) On Thursday May 10, 2007, we learned that the school was awarded an $8,960 grant through Title I for the implementation of a tutoring program. But these funds will only be made available to certain students that qualify for the tutoring based upon the public school they would have attended (had they not attended Al-Huda School) and the grades they had achieved.

C) On Wednesday, May 16, 2007 we received a letter notifying the school that it had been awarded $3850 through Title II-A that can be used next year for staff development.