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Summer Camp Details

Qur'an, Sports and Robotics/STEM




Qur'an Reading Camp

The purpose of the Qur’an Summer Camp is to help students continue in their spiritual learning while at the same time enjoying their time off from school. Dar-us-Salaam aims to provide students with an Islamic learning environment that fosters fun and knowledge.


Intensive Hifzh Camp

The purpose of the Intensive Hifzh Camp is to help students who have reached proficiency (fluency and accuracy) in reading the Qur'an, to focus primarily on the memorization of the Quran while at the same time enjoying their summer vacation with sports and field trips. This program is also a great opportunity for those to get an inside look at the Prestigious Hifzh School at Dar-us-Salaam. The Intensive Hizh Camp will also serve as a possible stepping stone to join the Full Time Hifzh School at Dar-us-Salaam. This experience will provide an opportunity to gain the benefits and experience the challenges of full time memorization prior to one committing themselves during the regular school year.

At the beginning of the camp, the student and teacher will agree on a goal for the duration of the camp. This goal will be based on how much the student has memorized already and how much they are capable of memorizing each day. The students will first begin an overall review of all that they have memorized in the past. Afterwards, they will begin memorization of newly assigned portions. Each student will be assigned a portion to memorize each day.


Pre-requisite for the above class:

The student must be able to read the Quran fluently and accurately prior to being accepted in this class. Before the beginning of the camp, there will be a placement test, based on which we will determine whether the student can be placed in the Intensive Hifzh Camp, or if he/she will be placed in the Qur'an Reading Camp to improve his/her reading skills.



Soccer and Basketball

Improve your existing skills or learn new skills with our coaches. Summer time fun and make new friends. Our soccer and basket ball activities are a great place for those looking to have some outdoor activity during the summer.



Al-Huda STEM Robotics summer camp combines designing, building, problem-solving, computer programming, critical thinking, collaboration and communication into one exciting program! Students will be introduced to the engineering design process using hands-on robot building and other discovery projects. They will display what they have learned and show off their work at an end of program culminating event.


Field Trips

To combine theory with practice, and to make the experience enjoyable for our youth, we will conduct different field trips during the course of the camp that will help our students implement the wisdom that they learn during the Islamic Studies classes. The field trips will be fun and exciting, and will help enhance the students’ Islamic understanding.

Typically, the field trips will take place on Fridays, though this may change due to weather or scheduling reasons. To enhance this experience, we would appreciate if each parent can commit to volunteer as a chaperone on at least one of the Wednesday's. We would also appreciate if the parents can offer their vans/cars to transport students to the field trips. This will help us cut down the field trip costs, make the trip safer for our students, and allow the parents to be closely involved in their child’s Islamic education.


Summer Camp Days & Times:


Duration: 6 weeks:  June 25 – August 3

Daily Time: Monday through Thursday: 9 a.m. – 3.15 p.m.

Friday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.


Class divisions and class sizes

The summer camp classes will be divided based on students’ ages and on their reading skills, which will be determined by the placement test. Class size will be limited to 12 students per class.


Fee Structure

Students have the option to attend for the entire duration of the camp, or to attend some part of the camp. Students are also given the option to fill out a financial agreement and pay the tuition over a period of time, instead of paying it all at once. The fee structure is as follows:

Non-refundable Application Fee*: $25 per child

Tuition fee for entire duration: $649 (6 weeks)


*SPECIAL DISCOUNT OF $15 TUITION FEE IS WAIVED if registration, payment, and financial agreement is completed before May 15, 2018


Registration Procedures

You can register and pay for the summer camp online by filling out our Online Registration Form. You can also visit the front office of Al-Huda School during school hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Contact Information

If you have any question or need further information, please call us at 301-982-2402. You can also e-mail us at CLOAKING , or visit our website at